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What's in a name?

Thank you for stopping by! I wanted to share a little about my photography name. Lilli is part of my middle name, easy right? Now for the fancy part I’ll let experts do the explaining…

Lumière = Light in French 

Pronunciation /ˌlo͞omēˈer/ /ˌlumiˈɛr/


Family name of brothers Auguste Marie Louis Nicholas (1862–1954) and Louis Jean (1864–1948), French inventors and movie pioneers. In 1895, they patented their “Cinématographe,” which combined a movie camera and projector. They also invented the improved “autochrome” process of color photography.

Source: Lexico

Hi, I'm Katherine


Cheerful, optimist, with a dash of realism. I'm curious about life, about people, and about what makes you shine. I love meeting new people and getting to know your stories.

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From the Journal


Indira made pregnancy look so easy and my job even easier! We met at Bull Creek in Austin, one of my favorite places for photography in the Austin area, well, it's a well known photography…

My Phylosophy

What I aim for

My work tries to express love in a genuine way. I aim to capture the tender gestures and sweet looks. I always photograph with natural light and I am inspired by clouds in the sky or by the sun as well as by the stormy clouds and dandelions. There is beauty and light in everything, everywhere and everyone.

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Katherine has such a good eye for shoot locations. I was so happy with the whole experience. She captured beautiful photos of my family during blue bonnet season! So grateful to have worked with her!

I love my family pictures! Katherine is so pleasant and easy to work with. She has an amazing eye, capturing the beauty in each individual and relationship. I am so happy with my pictures and I can't wait for our next session!

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